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Ratings Performance

There was no debt default case in China until 2014 and given the number of default cases was too small in the past years that cannot constitute a meaningful sample, therefore, in the interim, instead of using the conventional method to show the rating performance, CCX Credit Rating Group adopts an alternative method, stratification of credit spreads, to indicate the rating performance of the issues rated by it.


The credit spread of the rated issues can be found (in Chinese Only) on the websites of China Chengxin International Credit Rating Company Limited (“CCXI”) and China Chengxin Securities Rating Company Limited (“CCXR”)


CCXI’s website: Research and Analysis (研究分析) → Credit Research (信用研究) → Rating theory research (评级理论研究) .



CCXR’s website: China Chengxin Research (中诚信研究)  →  Rating research (评级研究) →China Chengxin Credit Credibility Research (中诚信证评研究)